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A Solution for Virtual Schooling and the Working Parent

Are you a working parent who cannot get any work done while your children are at home ‘schooling’ or feel you're only giving 50% to your children and job? Are you uneasy about sending your child back to school with 400-1500 students among the uncertainty of Covid-19? Does your child need an environment outside of the home so they concentrate better? The solution is to give your children the space they need to work in a quiet, socially distanced, small class atmosphere with supervision and, when needed, provide the help that teachers cannot supply virtually. In addition, since virtual classwork can be completed in a 3-5 hours, students will have a daily dance class and other art enrichment classes bringing the fun and socialization children need back into their lives. 

Enrollment includes:


Daily Dance Class

Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop

Positive Learning Environment

Our care team promotes a fun and supportive learning environment where bullying is not tolerated.

Let us be the teacher and you be the parent

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8 AM - 3 PM Monday-Friday. After hours care is an option if needed.


Your child’s schedule will be followed to be sure that he/she is taking class on his/her device and any virtual meetings are kept and followed. Homework and Classwork will be followed based on your guidance. Please supply earbuds, headphones, or any personal listening device. First priority is homework and education. Each day, students will learn time management skills when budgeting their time between classes and homework. Enrichment classes will only be allowed when students have completed their daily required work.


The DF-1 Care Team are an energetic team who care for your child’s physical well-being, education and emotional security. They will assist children as needed to stay on track with the online program you have chosen for your child.


Please pack a healthy snack and lunch for your child. Student’s will keep their lunch in their cubby and eat at their own desk. Please pack enough water for the day.


Students should wear comfortable clothing they are able to move freely in. Masks will be required entering and exiting the building. Children will have the option to remove masks once they are seated at their desk and socially distanced. Masks will be required by both care team and student when assisting with instruction.


Upon arrival temperatures will be taken and hand sanitizer will be administered entering and exiting the rooms and before lunch. DF1LL has Medify Air HEPA Filters in each room. In addition, we are looking to install HVAC UV Lights in our HVAC system for added protection. Rooms are steam mopped twice a day and high traffic areas are sanitized often.


Prepaid tuition is as follows: (Each student is 1 per day, or 2 students in 1 day is equal to 2 days)

2 Days per week per family


3 Days per week per family


4 Days per week per family


5+ Days per week per family


First come first served. The DF1LL is capped per room square footage. Once enrollment has reached a safe maximum capacity of 15 students, no other students may enroll. Days of the week attending must be chosen upon registration.